The Jabberwock Anomaly

One of the causes for this blog is that I recently published my first book, The Jabberwock Anomaly using CreateSpace.

As one of a slightly older generation, I’m 68 in a few days, this was something of an experience. The word trauma comes to mind. And I thought I could share some of my experiences with writing here in the 21st century.  Especially in the sense of how things have changed.

And for the most part I think things have changed for the better. It justs takes a little while to understand how all these things work. And how the people who explain it to you are all experts and then leave out a few vital steps because, ‘everybody knows that.’

Well, no they don’t. So as this stuff happens I’m going to keep a note and then maybe somebody else will find that this stuff isn’t so daunting and can start passing back their tips.

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